Out With the Old

I’ve recently become semi-obsessed with holiday decorating. I mean who doesn’t love the holidays, plus it’s fun. It’s something to do during Winter when I’m stuck inside, and the decor brightens those long, dreary days. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I love my decorations, especially my mantle. I’m sad to see them go after the first of the year, so this was the first year where I decided I wanted to decorate for the next holiday – Valentine’s. I have to admit my mantle is something I look at every day, and it just makes me happy. But this new obsession also meant a small dent in my pocket book because I needed a few items. Oops!! First, I had to get a tiered stand. I mean you can’t decorate something you don’t have. You know what I’m talking about, right? The latest decorating trend that’s all over social media (scroll below to the second picture if you don’t know what I’m talking about). They come in different colors and finishes and sizes. There are 2 or 3-tiers, but I went with a smaller 2-tier stand because my kitchen counter doesn’t have a lot of room.

Next, when it comes to decorating, I ALWAYS have a vision in my head. It’s just how I shop in general. I sometimes look around, but almost always know what I want to buy. It then becomes my mission to hunt down the items I need, ok, maybe want. This meant several trips to Hobby Lobby, At Home, Joann’s, Marshall’s, Home Goods, Target, Wal-Mart and of course, Amazon (you know a woman’s favorite places). I always try to find a few staple pieces that can be reused (i.e. the large wood wall art, candles, candle holders, etc.) and fill in the rest with holiday specific items. I also try to create some symmetry and add pops of color. I’d say my style is fun meets classic. If you need help decorating for the holidays, below is a list of where I purchased my items. Stay tuned for next month, when I switch everything out for Easter. And like I said it’s become a bit of an obsession, so I may or may not have everything already purchased.


Wood Wall Art (At Home) http://bit.ly/39o6r88

8″ Kissing Ball Pink (At Home) http://bit.ly/2tMJuMI (similar to this one)

Glass Hurricane Vase -(Hobby Lobby) http://bit.ly/2OKAAGU

Red Glitter Foam Heart Filler (Hobby Lobby) http://bit.ly/2SAN3Ot

4″ Red Pillar Candles (At Home) http://bit.ly/31IOs9Q

Red & White Berry Spray (Hobby Lobby) http://bit.ly/2UJWdLo

Not Available Online:

Heart Wreath (Joann’s – no longer available online)

Heart Burlap Garland (HomeGoods)

Mantle Signs/Frame (Marshall’s & HomeGoods)

Grey Candle Holders (Target dollar bins)

Red Roses (Joann’s – Christmas clearance)

TIER STAND ITEMS: Round 2-Tier Stand (Wayfair) http://bit.ly/37cWPM0

Wood Bead Garland (Etsy) https://etsy.me/2UFZjQi

Red Buffalo Check Heart Filler (Hobby Lobby) http://bit.ly/39rlRsc

Not Available Online:

Pink/White Floral Sprays (Joann’s)

You Make My Heart…Sign (HomeGoods or Marshall’s)

The following items were found at Wal-Mart (less than $5 each):

  • XOXO sign
  • Red Ceramic Heart
  • Felt Hearts
  • Red Love Sign
  • Metal Heart
  • Red Felt Heart Box

Here are some of my other holiday mantles:


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