About Me

Hi. I’m Kodi. Welcome to my blog “Sharing My Recipe.” I’m new to blogging, but needed a hobby, wanted to put my writing background to use and thought this would be a great outlet to share my creativity.

So here it goes…I am wife to a teacher, fur Mom to Stella (the cutest English Bulldog you’ll ever meet) and marketing guru by day. I’m honest and passionate, sometimes too much, but hey that’s me. My husband really is my best friend, and we love spending time together whether it’s walking the dog, catching a movie or Friday dinner at Applebee’s (yep it really is our go to). We love our family and friends, traveling and hosting parties. One of my absolute favorite things is giving gifts. Of course, I like getting them, but I LOVE giving them!! Nothing better than finding that something special and surprising someone. I’m also all about traditions, memories and experiences. I love to shop (yes, even grocery shop) and love finding a great deal. I love the seasons and being outside, whether it’s poolside or having a drink on a patio, and my go-to travel destination is anywhere warm and near the beach. I have a huge sweet tooth (thanks to my grandpa and dad), so I believe there’s always room for dessert. A sweet treat after dinner is a MUST. You’ll most likely find me in the kitchen, as cooking and baking are my stress relievers, and kitchen tools and appliances are the way to my heart. I’m obsessed with my Instant Pot, spend Sunday’s meal prepping and whip up sweet treats for co-workers when time allows. I’d say I’m equal parts creative and analytical because I love the freedom to create things but also love details, spreadsheets and being super organized. I’m a total foodie and get excited over a great meal, so I love finding new restaurants and bars in KC (dive bars are my fav). Appetizers are my jam. My birthday has me on the cusp of being a ram or a bull and that couldn’t be more right. I’m stubborn as hell. Some people unwind with a drink, but my vice after a long day is trashy reality tv, basically anything on Bravo (my husband has a disdain for my tv taste, too bad!!).

I’m unfiltered, outgoing, and I’m here to share about life, love and everything in between. So, you’ve found the right place if you want to learn about:

  • Things to do in KC
  • Gift Giving
  • Decorating
  • Party Planning
  • Meal Prepping & Recipes
  • Kitchen Tips & Tricks

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